We discuss entrepreneurship, the space race, his favorite subreddits, and more.
We all deserve a little self-care this year. Curated from 2020's interviews.
We discuss security, ethical hacking, and what apps a security professional uses in their day-to-day life. (11 min read)
Favorite podcasts, AI-augmented recruiting, parenting app wishlists, and more. (15 min read)
Smart cities, astronomy, open data, and what's on his home screen. (20 min read)
I interviewed Yash Vakil, a machine learning and data science student, and founder of The HiveMind Project (12 min read)
I interviewed Tim Salau, former Microsoft and WeWork, now the Co-Founder and CEO of Guide (19 min read)
I interviewed Scott Falbo, Co-founder and CTO of LenderLogix (11 min read)
I interviewed Jonathan Gorczyca, Co-founder, and Partner at Helm Experience & Design (16 min read)
I interviewed Irma Mesa, Head of Product at KlickEngage and Founder of Cafecito (16 min read)
I interviewed Amber Lundy, Senior Designer at Amazon's UX Lab, a design incubation center focused on emerging tech (13 min read)
I interviewed Ali Abdaal, a UK doctor, Podcaster, and YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers, about what’s on his home screen (12 min read)